Thank you for choosing Heritage Christian School for your children. We believe that, as a parent, you have the primary responsibility of training and educating your children. We realize that there are choices in the realm of education, and we are honored that you have chosen HCS. We are here to assist and stand with you as you seek to instill biblical values and a Christ-centered education in the hearts of your children.

It is our belief that it takes three positive pressures in the life of a child to keep him moving in a good and wholesome direction. Each of those pressures should be Christ-centered, which means that they have the same goals and values. If your home, church, and school are working in conjuction with each other, you can see God’s work accomplished in the lives of your children. We are striving to help children develop into young adults that are prepared spiritually, academically, and socially to meet the next phase of their lives after graduation.

Thank you and may HCS be a source of encouragement and blessing to you and your children.
Pastor Folger
Pastor of Cleveland Baptist Church
Superintendent of Heritage Christian School