Mr. Drake and his family have been attending Cleveland Baptist Church since October, 1975.  He and his wife were saved as a result of its ministries as well as their three children. It was a tremendous blessing to have in place a Christian School his children could attend when they came of age. There was no second thought about it; they were all placed in school from Kindergarten until graduation. God blessed their family and always provided the funds they needed over the years. Mr. Drake never considered it a sacrifice but a privilege to send them to Heritage Christian School.

“I believe we are yet to see greater things ahead for Heritage Christian School. I would like to get back to the days of fifteen or twenty years ago when we had three to four hundred students. I am hopeful that can happen again. We are seeing many improvements take place with the accreditation now in place, the new leadership and vision they have to move the process forward. There is a good spirit in the school among the students and staff and the emphasis is on serving our Lord Jesus as it should be. There is much work to be done yet but the people God has given us are going to get it done.”

“Over the last several decades we have seen a continuing deterioration of the public school system. We, as Christians, know that is never going to get any better, but worse. Sure, there are some good public schools where they have quality teachers and a safe environment but their philosophy is still of the world and not of Christ. I have also seen enrollment in Christian schools dwindle over the last few years and I am bothered that Christian parents have lost the urgency or conviction to place their children in a “God centered” school where the Word of God is taught and Christ is honored. Next to family and church, school is the next most influential part in a child’s life and in many ways more so because of how much time during the week a child is in school. Christian Education is vastly important as we see the world around us crumbling and things “waxing worse and worse”.”

Bro. Pete was called to preach as a junior in high school. He thoroughly enjoys teaching the Bible, especially when he’s able to teach students something they’ve never seen or thought of before. He makes the Bible come alive!  Bro. Pete is married to his lovely wife, Sandra (August of 2000). They have four children (Madison, Mallory, Mia, and Toby).  He enjoys spending time with his  family, visiting new places, traveling, golf, and watching a great football game.

Mr. Hammond and his wife, Kathy, of 21 yrs, have 3 children.  The oldest is married with their first grandson, and the two youngest are currently attending Pensacola Christian College.  Mr. Hammond joined the church in 2009 and has served in the following areas of Cleveland Baptist Church as well as Heritage Christian School:  Usher, Deacon, Security, School Board, Sunday School Teacher, and Greeter.

Mr. Hammond’s vision for HCS is that it should always strive for the highest quality in academic education while never compromising in teaching and preaching Jesus Christ in all areas associated with the school.