Heritage Christian School exists to fulfill the admonition of Christ to train students to become disciples of Christ.  We want each generation of young people to know the God of Heaven and His Salvation.  Our three-fold purpose is to mentor, educate, and develop our students spiritually, intellectually, and physically so that they can fulfill God’s purpose and plan for their lives.  HCS exists to proclaim God’s goodness and glory.

HCS will staff the classrooms with qualified and certified instructors that strive to be servants of Christ.  Our teachers will daily demonstrate the love of Christ by integrating biblical principles in lessons, passionately teaching students in a thorough and engaging manner, and disciplining them with a loving and patient spirit.  HCS teachers will view each individual student as the future of the church; therefore, each teacher will diligently work to maximize each student’s learning potential and spiritual walk.

HCS will strive for the highest level of academic and athletic excellence by participating in tournaments, professional development seminars and education conventions.  Our staff will strive to work in unity with each other, with parents and with students by communicating the truth in love.  Our primary goal is to live out this vision statement on a daily basis, to honor Christ and to advance His kingdom.