Elementary (1 - 6)

Phonics mastery is the cornerstone of the elementary reading program while strong foundations are systematically laid in mathematics, grammar, science, history, and geography. Heritage Christian School is known for being a school with high academic standards, equipping students for success in whatever field God directs them. One of the reasons for such excellence is the exemplary curriculum in each of their classes. In addition to the basic academic curriculum, students in the elementary school benefit from enrichment classes such as Bible, music, art, computers, library, and physical education.

Junior High (7 - 8)

The early teen years are such a pivitol time in the development of a student. During this crucial developmental stage, HCS strives to build on the solid foundaition that was laid in the elementary grades. The goal of our junior high program is ensure the success of every student in high school and beyond. Students will be challenged in all core subjects (math, English, history, science, and Bible) and also learn important study skills that they can use the rest of their lives. Additionally, junior high students will have an opportunity to take classes such as woodshop, FACS (Home Economics), health, PE, and/or choir. Students will have the opportunity to spotlight their accomplishments in the annual Buckeye Christian School Fine Arts Competition.

High School (9 - 12)

Our goal in the high school is to build on the solid academic foundation that was laid by the elementary school. We offer a variety of academic areas of study as well as some elective courses that can be used by students in all vocations. Every student has Bible, English, math, and history each year. In Bible, students study specific books and basic doctrines of the Bible. In English, students learn to think independently, write creatively and coherently, and speak confidently. Students study World Literature, American Literature and English Literature before they graduate. The history department teaches American History, World History, and Government/Economics. The math department offers Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. In the science department, all students are required to take Physical Science and Biology. In order to graduate, a third science must be taken. Students can choose from Chemistry, Applied Science, Physics, and/or Anatomy and Physiology. Health and Physical Education are also required for Freshman and Sophomores.

In addition to the academic areas of study, students can choose from Spanish, FACS (Home Economics), Computers, Computer Programming, Choir, Art, and Woodshop. Students spotlight their accomplishments in the annual Buckeye Christian School Fine Arts Competition.

Our commitment to quality education is evident by our students scoring above the national average on standardized tests and being well-prepared for college.


Our computer classes are designed for students in the odd grades from first through 11 th grade. We use a collection of technology projects that integrate Microsoft products into learning including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Publisher, Paint, and Movie Maker. In addition, the collection includes technology projects for Adobe Photoshop and Flash.

A technology project is a set of theme-based activities that use the computer to create a product such as a story, presentation, or newsletter. The projects include activities that integrate into subject areas such as language arts, mathematics, social studies, visual arts, science, history, geography, or business studies. The computer classes have four main goals. The first goal is to educate the students by sharpening their computer skills. Second, students are trained to use, in practical ways, what they are taught in computer class. Third, students establish a standard of social technology excellence as a Christian. Our final goal is to understand the influence computers can have on today’s society.