School Reviews

Goodman Family 2019-200

We are fairly new to the HCS family since moving to the Cleveland area a few years ago. HCS has been a tremendous addition to the training up of our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We have homeschooled for years, and it was a smooth transition for our children to step right in with the school’s curriculum. Our children have been challenged in a very good way to excel in their academics, and the boys had a great time in soccer and basketball. Our children have made some great friends. 

The entire staff of HCS demonstrate their love and care for our children each day, and you can really see that they want God’s best for our children. We are so thankful for the office staff, teachers/helpers, coaches, maintenance, and cafeteria workers. They all make a great team.


As the parent of a first grader, I have a real appreciation for the heart and mission of Heritage Christian School. My son, from day one, has absolutely loved going to school, which is a testament to the teachers he has had. It is a blessing to know that every day we bring him, we know he’ll be well cared for, as well as taught academics with a solid Biblical worldview. The school seeks to continually improve itself, with the most recent example being the accreditation process. There are always ways to improve anything, and it’s encouraging to know that the administration wants to act on reviews and feedback.

The facilities are outstanding. The building and classrooms are very well taken care of.

We are also both alumni, so from a personal perspective, we can comment that we think the education we received was helpful to prepare us for college.


Heritage Christian School is certainly a worthwhile investment, and I would encourage anyone considering Christian education to take a good look at Heritage. You will find a great school with a desire to help your family with instilling Godly values and a firm educational foundation. My wife and I made the decision that when our kids would be of school age, we would do everything we could to send them to a Christian school. With Christian values under attack in our secular society, we believe that laying a strong foundation for our children is priceless in light of eternity.  So, when it was time to start this journey with our oldest five years ago, we decided on Heritage Christian School because of the great reviews from family and friends that had sent their kids there before us. Now we have three kids attending and another to follow in a few years. We could use the money we pay every month to have the kids at HCS for other things we need; but, we have committed to continue to keep our kids at this school because of what we have personally experienced and observed. Scholastically, the school is dedicated to bring out the best of each child; to prepare them for their future. What we are most thankful for and believe makes HCS stand out, are the teachers and staff that really care about our kids’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Are there great teachers at public schools? Yes, no doubt! I personally have fond memories of certain teachers from my school days…but, when I see the Bible knowledge that my kids have (through stories and memorized verses), songs they sing, friendships they are building…to be honest, I know how much I’ve personally contributed and how much they have learned at school, and I am happy to have someone alongside us to help instill important truths and values in our children. Each week has 168 hours, and my kids are in school 35 of those hours; that is a little over 20% of their time.

Thank you, HCS, for investing in our children and for making it affordable!